NW-E00x Mp3 File Manager


NW-E00x Mp3 File Manager has been refactored and gave birth to a new project Symphonic.

NW-E00x Mp3 File Manager is no longer maintained. Developpers moved to the new project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/symphonic


The mp3 series players from Sony NW-E00x are really cool. But they have a huge problem : Software!

I mean that you have to use the SonicStage software from Sony to put files on the player so the player will be able to play them...

Sony released the  Mp3FileManager  that is compatible with the NW-Exxx series except for the NW-E00x series. Go figure out...

That manager can be installed on the player itselft and used to import mp3 with a drap'n drop on it interface. Quite nice... If it would work with the NW-E00x series...

So, now, what do I do? SonicStage is not working that well and above that it only works under Windows...

The solution : Create another Mp3 File manager myself... I am a programmer, so, why not...

I have made some reseach to figure out how the player was reading the files and I found out with the help from another similar project (hddtools) how to do it.

Here is it : NW-E00x Mp3 File Manager

Features :
+ Import/Export MP3 files
+ Able to download MP3 from a podcast directly
+ Can manage Album on your player without affecting the original MP3
+ Works under MS Windows, Linux and proably MAC
+ Nice looking... (The soft, not me...)
+ Easy to use
+ Free!

Patrick Balleux

NW-E003FG owner....